The Easmor Alexander
Midcentury Modern Vacation Rental Home in Palm Springs, CA
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Palm Springs Stories from the Easmor Homeowners

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Vacation Home: Stories from the Homeowners

Make That a Two Month Delay ...

So, it’s now officially three months since our offer was accepted. It’s been a roller coaster of red tape, to say the least. This morning we got the “official” close date of March 28. Then an hour later the news was undercut with another hiccup.

When I said “what could go wrong?” this isn’t what I expected at all.

The delay actually turns out to be fortuitous. We’ve both been slammed with new work opportunities in Q1. And one day while we were relaxing after dinner in our living room, the guest toilet hose broke free and flooded the bathroom within seconds. We caught it before it hit the hall carpet, but wow! If we had been in Palm Springs??

Everything happens for a reason, as they say. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a solid close date within a couple weeks. Wish us luck!