The Easmor Alexander
Midcentury Modern Vacation Rental Home in Palm Springs, CA
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Palm Springs Stories from the Easmor Homeowners

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Vacation Home: Stories from the Homeowners

The 12 Days of Escrow (Left)

We do not need another house. But here we are, three weeks deep in escrow to save a little Palm Springs mid-century home from its 80s remodel and general disrepair. And we. can’t. wait.

The house style is fondly known by the neighborhood as an Alexander, named after its builder, and was designed by Dan Palmer and William Krisel. One story goes that they were designing small affordable vacation homes in the desert for Hollywood stars. We want it to feel that way again. For our friends. Our family. And for all the people we will share it with as a vacation rental.

Easmor needs a lot of love. The floors. The ceilings. The rooms. The pool. Not to mention windows, wiring, and plumbing.

We have about three months to get it in decent shape — and fully furnished — for the rental market. Then another three to fine-tune. All while working full-time jobs.

Possible? We invite you to follow along, give us tips and encouragement (we need it!), and hopefully come vacation in person to see the results!

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